AIRYOGA goes Green!

As dedicated Yogis and Yoginis, our practice of yoga is not limited to our asana practice on the mat. The deeper the practice becomes, the more we realize how everything we do has repercussions in our lives, in our relationships, in our surroundings and on our environment. Out of this experience comes an expanded awareness that allows us to be more conscious about the effects of our actions in day-to-day life.

Starting with small steps
Going forward AIRYOGA is making a concerted effort to reduce the amount of waste we produce, the quantity of water we use, and the amount of raw materials we consume in the AIRYOGA studios. Our efforts to promote sustainability are firmly grounded in the yogic principle of Ahimsa (non-harming), the first Yama in Patanjali's 8-fold path of Yoga.
Our Mother Earth and the eco-systems that support and sustain us are in dire need of our co-operation. Starting with small steps we can begin to minimize the negative impacts of our actions on the environment and its inhabitants. Reducing consumption and waste, re-using instead of disposing, and re-cycling our resources amounts to big changes when implemented consistently by more and more individuals.

Here is a list of changes, as well as some new initiatives, which you will notice at the AIRYOGA studios:

Decreasing demand for raw materials

  • All workshops and retreats flyers are now displayed in a special binder available for viewing in the reception/lounge area of both AIRYOGA studios. Instead of printing stacks of flyers, only one copy of each workshop and retreat will be printed out for viewing, both in German and English. Should you desire to take a paper copy of a workshop or retreat flyer for personal use, the receptionist will be happy to print one for you or send it via e-mail.
  • All of the flyers for massage services at AIRYOGA have also been assembled in an appropriate binder (one printed flyer per therapy).
  • We have created a Yoga Community Pinboard at studio Oberdorfstrasse, located in the center of the lounge area. Anyone from the outside yoga community who would like to promote their services may hand out one copy of their flyer or business card to the receptionist for posting on the pinboard.

Reducing waste and consumption

  • Our wash rooms are stocked with recycled paper products. As an alternative, cloth hand towels are provided.
  • We are happy when you take advantage of the refreshments provided free of charge in the studio lounges. In an effort to cut back our water consumption for washing glasses and tea cups, we encourage you to bring a metal refillable drinking bottle (also available at the AIRYOGA shop) which you can fill with our refreshing and clean Zurich tap water or tea instead of buying a plastic bottle at the studio.
  • AIRYOGA will actively support the donation of used yoga mats to schools, shelters and other social agencies for re-use. We will periodically run a used mat collection drive for specific projects.

Supporting sustainability

  • AIRYOGA uses and offers quality products from ecological, mostly organic sources and fair trade production, such as dried fruits and nuts from Gebana and shower gel and shampoo from Aesop. We are willing to spend the extra cost for these high-quality products.
  • From time to time, AIRYOGA hosts events that promote our commitment to sustainability. Our events will be centered around a specific theme to do with the protection and regeneration of our natural environment. We look forward to hosting speakers, musicians, artists, and other interested persons to share information and inspiration with us. We hope that you will join us!
  • AIRYOGA has applied to become a member of the Green Yoga Association, an organization “dedicated to fostering ecological consciousness, reverence and action in the Yoga community.”  For more information on the Green Yoga Association please check out www.greenyoga.org

By implementing these few small changes at AIRYOGA, we hope to raise our collective awareness to these environmental issues so that others may be inspired to incorporate small changes in their own surroundings.

Our success, however, depends on your support. With your support, AIRYOGA may be able to implement further improvements while maintaining the same superior standard and service that you are accustomed to.

For any questions, feedback or suggestions please contact us at zuerich@airyoga.com