Turning inwards can be intense. To best support you on that inward journey, AIRYOGA offers diverse yoga retreats and yoga travels in cooperation with select partners. Be it in Switzerland, in neighboring countries or in powerful places in Europe or in India - you will always remember this special time away and carry it in your heart for ever! 

In these handpicked places for withdrawal from the world, you can expect an oasis of peace and space for reflection, combined with a lush atmosphere and delicious ayurvedic cuisine or tasty wholefood cooking. You will not only benefit from your body and mind gaining strength and relaxation through this intense yoga experience, but you will also witness a cleansing and pampering thanks to the delicate vegetarian nutrition.

Assisted by our highly qualified AIRYOGA teachers, you will venture onto an outer and inner journey, which will support your yoga practice in a holistic way, not to mention regenerate your body and soul. This in turn, will lead to deep and long-lasting tranquility. Let an AIRYOGA Retreat infuse you with new strength and allow yourself to return to your daily (yoga) life, in complete harmony with yourself. 

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From Thursday, October 12th to Sunday, October 15th, treat yourself to a few color-filled autumn days of yoga, hiking and wellness in Sils, a power place in the Engadine.

In the relaxed, historic Hotel Waldhaus, AIRYOGA teacher Valérie Lutz will lead you through a balanced yoga program, and guide you on simple hikes in the spectacular natural backdrop of the Upper Engadine. A long weekend for all seeking calm and active regeneration. Read more...

Join Manuela and Claire to take part in their Yoga retreat at the mansion Cal Reiet on Mallorca from October 15, to 22, 2017. During this quality time together, you will gain deeper insights and refinements about the practices of Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Asana, and Satsang. Read more…

Ten unforgettable days in the Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge in the Kanha Nationalpark in central India are awaiting you.
In this retreat the mornings will be spent diving into the precious practices of Yoga. Additionally two half day Safaris as well as some guided walks will enrich the Yoga schedule to experience the abundance of the surrounding Nature with all our senses.
This unique retreat from February 13, to 23, 2018 will nurture your soul, clear the mind and for sure will vibrate within you as an impressionable memory even once you are back home. Read more…
There are 2 last spots in this retreat.

Experience Yoga under the midnight sun at 66° Latitude North. Discover the fascination and raw energy of Iceland and also get to know its culture.

From June 24, to 30, 2018, Michael Thurnherr and yoga-to-go will walk you through a custom-made journey with inspiring yoga, breathtaking natural landscapes and a pinch of adventure. Read more...

Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the inspiring and empowering teacher Max Strom for his autumn immersion retreat from October 13, to 20, 2018 at retreat center the mansion Cal Reiet on the Spanish Island of Mallorca. Read more…