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Yoga translates as the union of body and mind. The effects of yoga have been described over centuries. As a discipline,yoga will promote a healthy body and a clear mind. Those who attain inner balance often find the strength and tranquility to master an exhausting daily life. AIRYOGA provides what it takes to find such poise: With us, you learn to breathe with awareness, to move with mindfulness and to relax with ease.

At AIRYOGA, you will be able to experience the essence of the tradition of yoga within a new urban context. We believe that for yoga to have its full effect on body and mind, the atmosphere needs to be right. A quiet space, warm lights and generous, sensuously decorated premises make our two locations in the heart of Zurich, truly special places. You and your friends are always welcome here!

Follow the full path of yoga with AIRYOGA
No other studio in Switzerland offers such a variety of different yoga classes. Moreover, we host inspiring and instructive workshops and trainings with internationally renowned teachers almost every weekend.

„Go all the way – follow the whole yoga path with AIRYOGA“ - that's our motto. If this is what you are looking for, we are happy to take you from your beginnings on the yoga mat all the way to your 500 hour teaching certificate.

We are flexible
AIRYOGA leaves it up to you when and how often you want to take yoga classes. Regardless of whether you are a total newcomer or already an experienced yogi, you can start with us anytime. Our expertly trained yoga teachers teach seven days a week and will support you with their full knowledge and their experience, which stretches back over many years.
Let yourself be inspired by the abundance of possibilities. Whether it's traditional Hatha Yoga, dynamic Ashtanga, flowing Vinyasa, calm Yin Yoga or Pranayama – we are confident that you will find what you need within the range of what AIRYOGA has to offer.

Good to know
For your experience to be as pleasant and as efficient as possible, AIRYOGA has found a way to combine the old tradition of yoga with today's modern technology: With a valid membership you can book your favorite classes via the AIRYOGA class reservation system online or even by using the AIRYOGA app on the go.

To learn more about our online reservation system, click here...

If you're new with AIRYOGA, here are some useful tips and insights

You can pay for a single class(drop in) or buy a membership (class card) at the front desk at both our studios.

You will find the rates for our classes and memberships here..., the rules and regulations here...

You don't need much to practice yoga: comfortable workout clothes (tshirt, sweat pants, barefoot) and, if you like to shower afterwards, a towel.
Yoga mats are available at the studio and free of charge.

We look forward to welcoming you to AIRYOGA!


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