AIRYOGA Welcome Pass

An extensive and varied range of classes awaits you at AIRYOGA Fabrikstrasse as of January 2023. You can find our new schedule here as a pdf and also in our online schedule.

To give you and your yoga friends the opportunity to try out and enjoy our full palette of classes at an attractive price we will offer our WELCOME pass from January 2, through January 31, 2023:

Two months of unlimited yoga at AIRYOGA Fabrikstrasse for only CHF 330.-

 On top of it, each WELCOME pass buyer will get a gift certificate for a free yoga class to give away to someone who would like to get to know the new AIRYOGA offer.

The WELCOME pass can be purchased between January 2, and January 31, 2023, at the AIRYOGA Fabrikstrasse reception.
From the day of purchase, this pass is valid for two months and can be used for all yoga classes at AIRYOGA Fabrikstrasse shown on the new schedule

The AIRYOGA WELCOME pass is personal and not transferable. 

No discounts and pass extensions for holiday reasons can be granted.
 In case of illness, accidents etc. the Special pass can be interrupted. A medical attest must be presented.

All AIRYOGA series or passes that are currently running will be frozen with the purchase of a Special pass and reactivated once the two-month period has expired.
For this an for all questions on our WELCOME pass please contact

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