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Online Yogaclasses by YOGIFILMS

Online Yogaklassen von YOGIFILMS


While our two studios are closed, we would like to offer you the opportunity to use the online classes of YOGIFILMS.

After a 3-minute free preview (only available on Mac & PC, mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) cannot show the 3-minute video preview due to HTML5 restrictions) you can use the simple "Buy per Click" system to buy an access code for CHF 2.95, which will allow you to watch the class three times within 48 hours. You will find detailed instructions on how the payment system works in the description with each video. 

Yoga so easy! Watch - buy - practice!
1.) Start the video. After a 3 minute free preview, you can buy the video ticket. To buy the video ticket immediately, just click after the 3rd minute in the timeline.
2.) Via Pay Pal different payment methods (card, direct debit, bank transfer) are offered.
3.) After your payment you will receive your Video Ticket by mail.
4.) After payment, the video continues to play automatically. You can go back to the beginning of the video, no view is deducted.

Note: Mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) cannot display the free 3-minute video preview due to HTML5 restrictions.

How the views (accesses) work:
1.) If you watched the video from start to end - it counts as 1 view
2.) You can fast-forward and rewind the video as you like - this does NOT count as a view
3.) If you close the video player during the video - it counts as 1 view

If you have any questions, please contact yogifilms@airyoga.com.