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200-hour Yoga Teacher Training 2019 at AIRYOGA Zurich

The AIRYOGA Teacher Training 2019 will start on April 5, and end on October 20, 2019. Additionally, the program includes an intensive week from July 15, to 21, 2019.
All sessions take place at the AIRYOGA studio at Fabrikstrasse 10 in Zurich.

This training will be taught in line with the tradition of Hatha Yoga. It is appropriate for experienced yoga practitioners who wish to deepen and refine their knowledge.

This course has been accredited by Yoga Alliance® and provides all the foundation required for further study and teaching.

In order to graduate, trainees are required to pass a written exam in Philosophy, Anatomy, and Asana, as well as a practical exam. 

The following subjects and topics form the curriculum:
•  Techniques, training and practice of Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Kriya, Chanting, Mantra, Meditation and other traditional yoga techniques 
•  Teaching Methodology: Sequencing of yoga classes, use of props, adjustments and assists, modifications, injury risks
•  Practicum: teaching, observing, sequencing and assisting
•  physical and subtle Anatomy, Physiology, and its application to the practice and teaching of yoga
•  Yoga philosophy, foundations and ethics for teachers and studentship
•  Ayurveda Foundations
•  Therapeutically oriented Yoga
•  Restorative Yoga
•  Yoga Nidra
•  Yoga during pregnancy (Prenatal Yoga)

These are the dates for the AIRYOGA 200-hour Teacher Training 2019:
April 5, to 7, 2019 (Module 1)
April 19, to 21, (Module 2)
May 10, to 12, (Module 3)
June 8, to 10, (Sa-Mo, Module 4)
July 15, to 21, (Module 5/Intensive week: as from July 17, with Doug Keller)
August 9, to 11, (Module 6)
August 23, to 25, (Module 7)
September 13, to 15, (Module 8)
October 18, to 20, (Module 9)

Class times: 
Fridays from about 8:30 am to 5:00 pm approx..
Saturday from about 8:00 am to 5:00 pm approx..
Sunday from about 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Intensive week (Monday through Sunday) daily from about 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Our faculty of highly qualified and experienced teachers will lead the training. Classes are taught in German or English: 
Claire Dalloz (Director): Asana, Teaching Methodology, Yoga Philosophy
Stephen Thomas: Asana, Pranayama, Teaching Methodology, Yoga Philosophy
Doug Keller: Yoga Philosophy, Therapeutically oriented Yoga
Stefanie Zimmermann Castson: Anatomy & Physiology, Prenatal Yoga
Michael Thurnherr: Asana, Teaching Methodology
Manuela Peverelli: Meditation
Evelyn Hunger: Ayurveda
Mirjam Haymann: Asana, Teaching Methodology
Valérie Lutz: Yoga Nidra
plus assisting teachers

Prerequisites for attending the Yoga Teacher Training
This training is highly demanding on a physical and psychological level. The schedule requires participants to really immerse themselves in yoga. Applicants should be sincerely interested and ready to study intensively. Furthermore are required:
•  a regular yoga practice of a minimum of two years 
•  solid knowledge in both German and English (no translations are offered)
•  good mental and physical health

The cost for the full 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training amounts to CHF 4’250.-
The course fee includes extensive written course manual in the language it was originally written. The cost for further reading material (recommended books) is not included. 

Further terms
The course requires a minimum of 15 participants; the maximum of participants is 32 people (plus students from the last course who have not finished their training yet). Additional applicants will be put on the wait-list. 
AIRYOGA reserves the right to decide who is admitted to the Yoga Teacher Training after assessing the application and after the applicant has taken a class with one of the training faculty teachers, as well as after a personal interview with the applicant in question. 

Karma Yoga spots
Also in this 200-hour Teacher Training, AIRYOGA will offer two Karma Yoga spots with a 50% discount each on the training fee to any participant who is suited to this assignment and who cannot afford this training at full price. 
Assistance involves approx. 1-2 extra hours of helping out at the studio per training day. 
To apply for the Karma Yoga space please add your letter of motivation to your application forms.

To apply for the 200-hour AIRYOGA Teacher Training 2019 please use this form (in German only)

Given the usually high demand, we recommend that you apply early! 

For questions and other concerns please email ausbildungen@airyoga.ch

Biographies of our Master Teachers:

Claire Dalloz (Director): Asana, Teaching Methodology, Yoga Philosophy
Claire has been learning and teaching yoga passionately for the past 22 years. It has brought her joy, balance, curiosity and above all kept her sane during the wonderful but often trying years of bringing up 3 little kids.
Claire’s main influences on the path have been from Glenn Ceresoli (Senior Iyengar Teacher), Bruno Dietziker (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga), and more recently Stephen Thomas (Hatha Yoga), Doug Keller (Yoga Therapy) and Dr. Ravi Ravindra (philosophy and spirituality). Her teaching style is influenced by the Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga Schools although over the years she has adopted her own way of teaching. Her teaching is clear, focused and dynamic and her priority is to ensure that the participants in her class feel at home and welcome in their bodies as they are at the present moment. 
Claire regularly teaches on retreats both in Switzerland and abroad and offers immersion days and weekend trainings for teachers.
Please also visit www.clairedalloz.ch
Claire is 
•  Internationally certified Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level (E-RYT500)
•  YACEP (Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider)
•  Member of the Swiss Yoga Union and of the European Yoga Union
•  Co-owner of YogaTopia, Herrliberg, Switzerland
•  Trained Hypnotherapist and Medical Masseuse
Claire teaches in English and German

Stephen Thomas: Asana, Pranayama, Teaching Methodology, Yoga Philosophy
Stephen is an experienced Yoga teacher and practitioner. He leads Teacher Trainings, Workshops and Immersions across Asia and Europe. His teaching is deeply rooted in the traditional Yoga practices of Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation. His philosophical background is influenced by studies in the Classical systems of Yoga Philosophy as well as Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra.
Stephen studies directly with O.P. Tiwari of Kaivalyadham, India - a living master in the science of Pranayama. He blends this with his ongoing studies in Asana, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Philosophy and the varied modern evolutions of Yoga.   
Stephen teaches classes and workshops at AIRYOGA in Zurich, as well as a guest instructor throughout the world. He also dedicates energy each year to directing Teacher Intensive Trainings and ongoing education and works one-on-one with many students and teachers in his community.
For more info on Stephen and his work please check-out his webpage www.yoga-svarupa.com
Stephen teaches in English.

Doug Keller: Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Therapy
Doug came to teach Hatha Yoga by way of the yoga of meditation and years of academic study of philosophy, both eastern and western. He went to India in 1986 to practice yoga at Swami Muktananda’s ashram in Ganeshpuri and to offer his service. He spent a total of 7 years in the Ganeshpuri ashram, and 14 years of service overall in Siddha Yoga ashrams in the US and abroad, studying and practicing yoga, working in the kitchen and gardens, and teaching Hatha Yoga. It was during Doug Keller’s time in Ganeshpuri that he met John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga who, after his return to the states, enabled Doug to study under him and made him one of the first certified Anusara teachers.He has taught in the Anusara style for many years, but also studied other yoga traditions with unique teachers such as Aadil Palkhivala, John Schumacher, Kevin Gardiner, Erich Schiffman, Rodney Yee, Rod Stryker and others.
Doug is the author of a few books on Asana, Philosophy and Pranyama, and a two-volume work on Yoga as therapy. He has been teaching workshops and in teacher trainings in the US, Europe and India.
Please also check out www.doyoga.com
Doug teaches in English.

Stefanie Zimmermann Castson: Anatomy & Physiology, Prenatal Yoga
With more than a decade’s experience as a professional Physiotherapist, Yoga Instructor and Educator, Stefaniepossesses a unique skill set that allows her to share her knowledge with other students and teachers in an accessible, understandable, fun and relatable way. 
Out of a need to care for the precious body and health, Stefanie turned her focus on health prevention through movement. She is co-author of the book "Back School" published in 2008 and sold with great success. Stefanie founded Health & Yoga in 2009. For AIRYOGA she is teaching classes, workshops, and in the yoga teacher training. She also works as a physiotherapist. 
For more information please consult www.healthandyoga.ch

Stefanie teaches in German.

Michael Thurnherr: Asana, Teaching Methodology 
It was in Pushkar, India, that Michael was first introduced to the tradition of Yoga by Yogi Shyamlal in 1997. Over the years, he let himself be inspired by various yoga traditions and teachers, until he eventually obtained the Anusara Yoga teaching certification in 2002. 
It is of great importance to Michael to incorporate the spiritual dimension of yoga in his teaching and to make it possible for students to experience it. He is very skilled at establishing the connection to every day life so the realizations of a yoga class can be applied to „normal life“. He complements the non-dual tantric philosophy with his experience as a follower of the Lassalle-Glassman zen lineage, where he has been practicing zen intensively under the guidance of Niklaus Brantschen-Roshi since 1999. 
Michael has been teaching at AIRYOGA for many years, and is part of the faculty of the AIRYOGA 200h teacher training. Since April 2009, Michael and his wife Lina have been running the studio Yogaloft in Rapperswil-Jona. He teaches workshops and retreats and offers yoga therapy.
Besides being a dedicated yoga teacher, Michael runs his own graphic design business 2ND WEST full-time and is the father of two children.
Michael teaches in German.

Manuela Peverelli: Meditation
Manuela is a yoga teacher since 2008. Her attitude and approach towards life is deeply influenced by the Vedic and Buddhist philosophy. An education in ayurvedic-psychological counselling in 2013 has enriched her original background in western psychiatric nursery. 
Manuela lives and teaches in Zurich, but for her own studies and practice periods she also spends a few months yearly in Asia.
Please also check-out her website www.karmacircus.com
Manuela teaches in German.

Evelyn Hunger: Ayurveda
Evelyn first came into contact with Yoga and Ayurveda during one of her many explorations of India and the Himalayas. After some time practicing and studying, she participated in a yoga teacher training in India. In 2011 she finished her studies for Ayurvedic-specialist at the European Academy of Ayurveda and continued with a few months of practical work at a traditional Ayurvedic clinic in India. Her work as an emergency room nurse also continues to be important for her as she blends Eastern and Western perspectives on healing.
In 2014 Evelyn completed the advanced teacher training (ATT+300) at AIRYOGA under the guidance of Stephen Thomas.Another main pillar of her daily practice are mindfulness meditation in the Buddhist tradition, which she deepens regularly on silent retreats.
For more information please also see www.yogaayus.ch
Evelyn teaches in German.

Mirjam Haymann: Unterrichtsmethodik
Hong Kong - everchanging, competitive and hectic, created an exciting stage for Mirjamto dive deeply into the studies of Yoga. She feels blessed to have completed several Anusara teacher trainings and immersions with Patrick Creelman, a highly inspiring and profound teacher. 
After giving birth to her baby girl, Mirjam further attended a pre- and postnatal teacher training program with Jean Byrne and Michelle Papa. The intensive mentoring with Rinat Perlman, the managing teacher of the Pure Studio Hong Kong, was essential for her training.
Please also go to her website www.mirjamhaymann.com
Mirjam teaches in German and English.

Valérie Lutz: Yoga Nidra 
Valérie is a trained language teacher and journalist, and a yoga teacher since 2008. She first encountered yoga in the late 1980ies with Indian master Selvarajan Yesudian in Zurich. As co-founder of AIRYOGA, she has been fortunate to experience many different yoga traditions and to learn from wonderful yoga teachers since 2003. She has completed both the Yoga Alliance registered 200-hour teacher training and the 300-hour Advanced teacher training at AIRYOGA. The knowledge that she has gained over the years in over 500 hours of continous education in intensive training and retreats (including Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga) flows naturally into her practice and teaching.
Besides teaching yoga and her administrative work for AIRYOGA, Valérie is organizing yoga retreats and travels worldwide.
To find out more please visit www.yoga-to-go.ch
Valérie teaches in German.