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Breath – Chant – Expand: A Workshop with Diana Schöpplein

How is our body and breath linking with our heart center? How can we access the flow of Prana, our lifesource, and simultanously expand our heart capacity and space? 
According to Ayurveda, Autumn and Winter are the seasons where the elements of air and space are predominant. In the cold and dark seasons we are called upon to take more care of our Prana in order to stay nurtured and fullfilled. 
The Yoga tradition directly connects the heart chakra with the element of air. This means working with our Pranamaya Kosha, our breathbody, will directly nourish and enliven our heart. 

So let’s use this perfect timing of the year to vitalize the energy channels of our lungs and heart through fluid movement and longer holds. Opening the outer body will enhance our capacity to shape, guide and expand our breath, and to free the channel of our own voice. The subtle practices of Toning and Chanting are a beautiful pathway to touch on our heart level, allowing us to tap into our inner spaciousness, lightness and freedom. Sacred Mantras will fill you inside out, igniting your inner light. 

Take this journey if you want to discover the beauty of Nada Yoga, the Yoga of sound. With ancient Sanskrit chants, playful toning and subtle breath, we will embark on an enjoyable ride to your heart.

Diana discovered Yoga more then 30 years ago. Since then she has been exploring the transformational link of body, mind and heart in monasteries in India and Nepal, with her Himalayan Masters and her longterm shamanic mentor from New Mexico. Seeking to understand oneself and the mysteries of life, she immersed herself in various Yoga teacher trainings, among those traditional Hatha, Anusara and Nada Yoga,  as well as in her former work as an artist. Her own self exploration and deep connection to India drew her deeper into the subtle science of Sacred Sound. 
As a passionate E-RYT500, Diana has been sharing her love for Yoga for more than 10 years. She encourages her students to unravel their personal life’s journey including Hatha Yoga, Yin and Restorative, Ayurveda, authentic Pranayama and Chanting. 
Currently based in Zürich, Berlin and India, Diana offers space and tools to re-connect to our own core essence in Yoga and self-care one to ones, in  workshops, Yoga teacher trainings and especially in her annual Magical India Retreats
For further information about Diana, her offers and online courses please visit her webpage www.dianaschoepplein.com

Diana Schöpplein will lead this workshop on Sunday, November 11, 2018 from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at AIRYOGA, Oberdorfstrasse 2 in 8001 Zurich.

This workshop is suitable for all levels and for experienced yogis interested in working with Breath, Toning and Mantra in the context of Sacred Sanskrit Sound.

Diana will be teaching in English (some German on request).

The cost is Fr. 90.- 

The number of participants is limited.

Please note the reservation and cancelation policy for workshops at AIRYOGA.

For further information, please contact zuerich@airyoga.com

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Sunday, November 11, 2018 - 14:00 to 17:00
Price90.00 CHF