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Introduction Workshop to FRC and Kinstretch® with Maria Pountou - FULLY BOOKED

“The body has an incredible ability to improve its capacity and heal itself when properly guided utilising appropriate biological and physiological principles.“

Do you even have fully functioning joints? 

Sometimes even if we are long time yoga practitioners we can be surprised how poorly some of our joints work once we get a closer look into their individual function. The primary goal of this workshop is to get each joint working like a real joint. Can it go through its full range of motion? Do you have to involve other joints to “help out”? Is anything painful, crunchy, or pinchy? Are movements smooth and controlled or awkward and jerky?

FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) and Kinstretch® are movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion while focusing on gaining control of your passive flexibility by using your muscles (rather than gravity) to attain improved mobility. 

The Kinstretch® system is one born out of scientific research. All of the movements and training techniques have been selected based on a meticulous and rigorous investigation of evidence, conducted by physical conditioning and medical experts, as it pertains to body control, injury prevention, joint health, and physical longevity.

What to expect from this workshop:

  • Introduction to FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) principals and terminology
  • Self-assess your joints
  • Identify the areas which you can improve upon
  • Develop a meaningful plan to address your restrictions
  • You will be introduced to CARs (Controlled articular rotations) to implement into a daily morning routine 
  • Breathing techniques
  • Full Kinstretch® introduction class 

Maria Pountou is a Zurich based yoga and movement teacher. She brings her 10 year yoga teaching experience combined with her passion over power lifting and strength in order to create awareness to her students about their practice and how to keep it sustainable through the years.
Maria’s teachings are strongly influenced by the traditions of Ashtanga, as well as her teachers Tiffany Cruikshank, Sri Dharma Mittra and David Reggelin. She has studied eastern philosophies abroad and fuses this exposure with her knowledge of physical anatomy to provide her students with unparalleled healing through yoga.
Maria is registered as a 500-hour E-RYT with Yoga Alliance. 
For more information please consult her website www.yogainked.com

Maria Pountou will lead this workshop on Saturday of October 24, 2020 from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm at AIRYOGA, Oberdorfstrasse 2 in 8001 Zurich.

THE WORKSHOP IS FULLY BOOKED. There is a waiting list.

This workshop is not geared to a specific population or yoga practice. All levels are welcome.

Maria teaches in English.

The rate for the workshop is Fr. 90.-

The number of participants is limited. 

Please note the reservation and cancelation policy for workshops at AIRYOGA.

For further information, please contact zuerich@airyoga.com