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Anya Porter

Anya’s intention is to act as a conduit for her students when she takes the seat of the teacher, guiding practitioners toward physical sustainability and mental curiosity, all underlined by the buddhist concepts of compassion and interdependence. Her work is grounded in the science of anatomy and physiology and yet seeks to speak to the artist’s heart through creative sequencing and exploration of postures (her signature Breakti® class is one example of this).
Anya began teaching movement at University in 2000 while simultaneously pursuing a degree in Plant Biology, and found her way to yoga through a dance-related injury in 2003. That injury changed the course of her life, and to this day she is fascinated and intrigued by the miraculous ability for the body, mind and heart to heal. Her studies and personal practice since that time have had particular emphasis in therapeutic applications of asana, and her deep desire to know and understand the mind and heart has led her to ongoing work in buddhist meditation, psychology and philosophy. After ten years of teaching and living in New York City, Anya relocated to Zurich, Switzerland with her husband in May of 2015. She teaches classes, workshops and trainings in Europe, NYC, and around the world. For more information please check-out www.anyaporter.com