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Aurelia Iten

Aurelia teaches a powerful and flowing yoga in which the whole body becomes an experience of breathing and connection between the inner and outer worlds. This can be done through strong dynamic movements but also through movements towards stillness and meditation. Understanding the senses by working with them in the yoga practice reveals almost forgotten spaces and expands our natural capacity to understand ourself and others. This enables students to arrive home and again reside comfortably within their own bodies. 
Behind all of Aurelia’s studies and interests lies this desire to see how people and things communicate and make connection. She experiences this through observation and working with color and form, sound and silence - through play and through stillness. In her engagement as a social worker, designer and now as a yoga student and teacher, she is constantly exploring these themes and learning more and more.
Aurelia initially discovered her love of yoga through dance training. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Prana Vinyasa Flow with Christine May in Munich in 2015.

Aurelia teaches in English and German.