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If – in spite of the wide variety of possibilities – you still don't have enough time to make it to the AIRYOGA studios, you can always take advantage of our online class platform. Here you can take yoga classes around the clock, and here the classes are specifically tailored to meet your needs and your form on the day. They also take into account your preferences and the amount of time you have at your disposal. The available videos are instructive and well-structured, and make sure that you will never have to give up or wait for your favorite class or yoga teacher again.

Yet another advantage: You can practice at your own speed and you can repeat sequences you particularly resonate with, as much and as long as you want.

Our online yoga classes enrich and complement what is taught at the AIRYOGA studios. The detailed and professional instructions of our teachers will support you in your daily practice – be it at home or on the road. The simple „buy per click“-system allows you to access the YOGIFILMS platform at all times. After a free 3 minutes preview you can watch the video with a „buy per click“-system for CHF 2,95 per video. Within 48 hours you can watch the video three times. A ticket for all videos on the platform is available for CHF 8,95 (30 days/ unlimited views to all videos, no contract).

Note: Mobile devices are unable to process the preview due to HTML5 restrictions.

This is how the views work:
1.) You are allowed to 3 views within 48h
2.) If you watch the video from the beginning to the end 1 view is taken.
3.) You can forward and rewind as much as you wish without any extra views being taken.
4.) If the player is being closed whilst watching the video it will count as 1 view.

In case of any inquiries please include the information about your tablet/ computer operation system and version as well as the browser version to online(at)yogifilms.com


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