Chakra Oils

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel or vortex and refers to the seven energy centers that create our consciousness, our energy system and our physical body.

The chakras function like valves that regulate our energy flow in our system. Depending on the decisions we take or the way we encounter and react to life, this has an impact on the functioning of the chakras. Depending on what we are thinking and feeling, we open and close these valves. Each of the seven chakras is also connected to one of the seven endocrine glands of our hormonal system and to one specific group of nerves.

These chakra oils help to connect with a certain chakra and to harmonize the entire system so that energy can flow freely again.

These oils have been formulated according to natural, holistic and ancient medical teachings. They contain first class essential oils (Oroil) and cold pressed jojoba oil. The elaborate production process makes the chakra oils a vibrating instrument of high value.

7-Crown Chakra: Enlightenment - Recognizing purpose, vocation. Connection with the higher self.

6-Third Eye Chakra: Intuition - Recognizing your self-image and the vision for your life. Connection to wisdom.

5-Throat Chakra: Communication - The key to communicate verbally and nonverbally. Honesty.

4-Heart Chakra: Emotional center - Unconditional love for oneself and others. Compassionate discernment.

3-Solarplexus Chakra: Setting the direction - Gives you strength to believe in yourself. Set boundaries.

2-Sacral Chakra: Sensuality - The center of your feelings and your creativity. Joy of life.

1-Root Chakra: Foundation - Brings your inner self into balance. Grounding and rooting.

Application: Apply two to four drops, three times a day through a light massage to the corresponding area of the chakra. You can also put two drops on your hand and hold it in front of the respective chakra while breathing in and out deeply and calmly.

Content: 10ml

18.00 CHF incl. VAT

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