Children’s Yoga Book & Alphabet Cards

Whether for a Yoga class, for kindergarten, or at home. This Children's Yoga Book and the Children’s Yoga Alphabet Cards are ideal for introducing our little ones to Yoga in a playful and fun way.

Children Yoga Book:
This book contains 13 children's Yoga lessons of 60 minutes each. Each lesson focuses on two letters from the Yoga alphabet, which then focus together on a specific topic. These topics change from lesson to lesson and can be related to anatomy, movement, emotions, or animal characters.
The book explains step by step how you can design your lessons and also describes each movement in detail.

Children Yoga Alphabet Cards:
The children's Yoga Practice Cards, focusing on the Yoga alphabet described above, are a great supplement to the book. One set contains 26 colorful cards, each with a movement for the matching letter. With these, individual and fun Yoga sequences can be individually created, and the alphabet-learning process can be supported.

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