The Love Tuner is THE meditation and breathing tool in a shape of a small single-tone flute at the frequency of 528 Hz.
The so-called "love frequency" of the heart. This is a small musical instrument, that supports you in your meditation and to get tuned with yourself and your environment.
Your benefits may be an harmonizing effect on your body, soul and spirit and also revitalizing and calming effect on your mind.

Let yourself get tuned with Lovetuner!

Why get tuned?

  • reduce stress
  • prevent fatigue
  • strengthen the  immune system
  • to expend the lung volume
  • to strengthen your health
  • to feel inner satisfaction
  • to arrive at the HERE & NOW
  • extension of mindfulness
  • get rid of meaningless "brooding"
  • use of a simple meditation tool
  • to relax and feel balance
  • to support concentration

69.00 CHF incl. VAT

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