Mana bracelet: Your own power crystal

Produced in Bali – the Island of Gods – each Mana crystal is kept for twenty-four hours within a pyramid to be cleansed and recharged with new energy before being individually transformed into bracelets. Mana uses only genuine crystals, each made with love and care.

Since ancient times, crystals have been known by their healing and therapeutic properties. Based on today’s Crystal Therapy Discipline, the twelve mana bracelets were born, which connect body, soul and earth. Each Mana crystal surrounds you with strength.

Choose your Mana bracelets by discovering their properties in this document Choose one or mix them together. Adjust the string as desired on the wrist and gently squeeze the silver ball with a pair of pliers, cut the excess string with scissors and voila! - the crystal stays with you until its mission is completed and it will come off by itself.


  • Dreams - amber/green
  • Protection – turquoise/white
  • Mind – black/dark blue
  • Power – orange/blue
  • Fidelity – green/red
  • Self-confidence – red/white
  • Peace – dark blue/blue
  • Love – rose quartz/purple
  • Purity – pearl/green
  • Joy – yellow/purple
  • Soul – white/dark blue
  • Spirituality – purple/red

39.00 CHF incl. VAT

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