Your peaceful aromatic spray – refreshing or relaxing

Just with a few sprays you can change your mood and turn your surroundings into a peaceful feel-good oasis. Come to your senses or relax -. - it’s up to you!

Those aromatic sprays are individually designed by yogatanja and contain only highly compatible, purely natural essential oils. Exclusive available at AIRYOGA/yogatanja.

Spread Happiness by yogatanja

The fruity and flowery combination of mandarin and ylang-ylang creates a feel-good atmosphere and supports your well-being. Atlas cedar and frankincense help to ground and to centre yourself and support an open mind. The spray gets is complemented by the characteristic and exotic smell of cardamom, which stimulates your senses.

Come to your senses Baby!

Effects of the essential oils:

  • Mandarin: mood-lifting, anxiety reducing
  • Ylang-Ylang: grounding, balancing
  • Atlas cedar: grounding, harmonising, up-lifting
  • Incense: inspiring, spiritually opening
  • Cardamom: stimulating, balancing
Lightful by Marie and Andres

The balancing fragrance mixture of essential oils and spagyric essences such as lavender and orange calms you down and helps you to dive into a deep relaxation. The woody flavour of cedar- and sandalwood act harmonising and grounding. The aromatic spray gets its final touch from the refreshing verbena, which lifts you up and lightens the senses.

Relax Baby!

Effects of the essential oils:

  • Lavender: relaxing, balancing
  • Orange: mood-lifting, soothing
  • Cedar wood: calming, grounding
  • Sandalwood: up-lifting, harmonising
  • Verbena: refreshing, brightening, focus improving

Application: Spray several bursts into the room, on your mat or on your clothes. For a calm and peaceful sleep, you can spray the relaxing aromatic spray «Lightful» on your pillow too.!!!

Content: 50 ml

22.00 CHF incl. VAT

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