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Annette Bernath

Annette lives in Zurich and works for a Non-Profit in the area of Fair Trade. Doing sports and diving into a good book have always been her favorite activities to counter-balance her hectic work life. Reading and movement are two important aspects of Annette’s daily life.
In 2015, she completed the 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training with Stephen Thomas, and in 2017 an additional Advanced Teacher Training with Michael Hamilton, both at AIRYOGA. In addition to her daily meditation and Mysore practice, Annette has attended many workshops and immersions, as well as enriching retreats, which have provided an opportunity to dive deep into the world of yoga.
Annette believes in the importance of living yoga ‘off the mat’ and the integration of yoga into everyday situations. Be it at work or at home, Annette constantly aims to consciously step back and take on the role of the observer before reacting.
She teaches rather dynamic classes, while giving the students enough time to experience each pose. Annette leads her classes in German.