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Aurelia Iten

Aurélia likes to let life guide her. She engages professionally in different areas related to mind and body practice. Some of her skills stem from her studies as a social pedagogue, dance educator and certified yoga teacher, as well as from further training in various fields.
In Aurélia's classes students can explore the co-creation of a space where everything is allowed to be, just the way it is.
The breath leads us through the class and brings calm and harmony to our body-mind-system. Through the breath we explore the sense of space all around us, where the interplays of outer and inner forces can be experienced and explored.
The sequences are purifying and invite us to sway in a balance between powerful strong movements and silence and meditation. The neuronal connections and the navigation of attention and awareness are equally integrated as playful and joyous flows, inviting you to fully arrive at yourself in the moment.
Everything you need to know for your very own life path already lies within you. The yoga class can support you in bringing forth this deep personal knowledge.
Aurelia teaches in English and German.