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Daniela Schöb

Daniela needed some convincing from a friend before attending her first Yoga class in 2007. The positive effects that these first 90 minutes had on her were so impressive that Yoga has since been a fixed part of her daily life. Daniela tried many different Yoga studios, Yoga styles and retreats and today feels best practicing Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. She is fascinated by the fact that Yoga is open and available for all, that it is at the same time so simple but can be so challenging, and that Yoga can be practiced in many different forms, much more than physical Asanas.
From 2020-2021 Daniela completed the 250-hour Teacher Training with Stephen Thomas, Claire Dollaz, Christina Eggenschweiler, Manuela Peverelli and Doug Keller at AIRYOGA in Zürich. Inspired by these and other teachers, Daniela lays importance on conscious alignment and encouraging participants to release the need to achieve.
Daniela lives in Zurich and promotes sustainable tourism at the Hochschule in Lucerne. She teaches her classes in German or English.