Fabian Bächli
Fabian's Classes
Fabian, even as a child, loved movement. After first training as a landscaper and after his education to become a social worker, he studied dance for three years at the SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). After graduation, he stayed on as a teacher. In 2003, his passion for dancing eventually brought him to yoga. From the get-go, he was stoked. As he ventured back to Switzerland, he began to get deeper and deeper into yoga. In Stephen Thomas he found the teacher who introduced him to yoga philosophy as well as to the traditional practices of asana, pranayama and meditation. Fabian's Hatha yoga classes are influenced by different movement languages from contemporary dance. He pays great attention to the best possible anatomical alignment for the body, adapting it to the individual abilities of the practitioner. His classes are also meant to be a journey through the inner body – so practitioners can get to know their own body, can silence their ongoing thoughts and can awaken all the cells within the body. Another focus is set onto the heart – for one, to be more attentive towards one’s own emotional universe, but also, to cultivate happiness and love towards oneself and others. Fabian teaches in German and English.
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