Holger Baumann
Holger's Classes
Holger has been deeply immersed in the practices of Yoga (Vinyasa, Hatha, Asthanga) and Pranayama for many years. Since completing his training in 2012 in Zurich, he has been teaching weekly classes, and he now also regularly offers workshops and instructs in Teacher Trainings (Asana, Sequencing, Yoga Philosophy). His classes are characterized by flowing and challenging sequences, often intertwined with music, creating an experience of flow that allows for self-forgetfulness while simultaneously being fully present. Another key element of his classes is Pranayama, as Holger is fascinated by the gentle yet powerful process of continuously connecting with one's breath and one’s self. Beyond his role as a yoga teacher, Holger works as a philosopher at the University of Zurich, teaching and researching topics such as autonomy, authenticitcy, truthfulness, the ethics of personal relationships or the ethics of childhood. He consistently integrates these themes and connections to classical yoga philosophy into his classes. Connect with Holger on Instagram @vata_yoga, and find his curated yoga playlists on Spotify under Holger Baumann.
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