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Marie Licht

Marie is fascinated by life. For many years she has been exploring the meaning of our existence and other themes such as happiness and fulfillment. Since 2008, yoga has been an essential and influential part of her life, spurring her to reset her priorities, to live a more conscious life, even allowing her to leave a stressful, demanding job, to discover her true calling.
Marie has been teaching yoga since 2011, sharing her joy for movement and life in a positive way with her students. Her style of Vinyasa Yoga is a choreography composed of strengthening and relaxing asanas, harmonic flows, meditation and inspiration for the mind and heart. Through her training in Coaching and Positive Psychology, Marie combines her knowledge of the body, mind and soul from a Western approach with the eastern teachings of yoga, Dharma and meditation in a creative and inspiring manner. She supports her students in their individual journeys to know themselves better, to find their own path, and to believe in themselves so that they may walk this path, both in their yoga practice and in their lives. Marie teaches in German and English.
For more info please visit www.marie-licht.com