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Megan Herdeg

Megan’s goal as a teacher is to provide uplifting, nourishing and educational classes to assist her students own personal growth and transformation. As a licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher and certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher her work is heavily influenced by her knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and yoga philosophy, and her primaryfocus is longevity in practice.
Megan’s passion and drive to understand the body and how it works comes from her own personal journey to a pain free life after suffering a severe spinal injury as a child. First, with an interest in Bodywork, she received an associates degree in massage therapy in 2003 and began working with modalities such as deep tissue, lomi lomi, herbal poultice massage and Thai massage. Around the same time, in 2002 she took her first yoga class, and it was there that she first discovered movement as a form of physical therapy for her everlasting back pain. 
As Megan dove deeper into yoga philosophy and meditation, she realized this was the right path for me. In 2009 she received her first yoga teaching certificate and has been teaching both private and group classes ever since. In February 2018 she completed her certification to become a Yoga Tune Up® teacher and currently teaches YTU workshops and classes in and around Zürich, Switzerland.
Find more on Megan at www.meganherdeg.com