Sabrina Cerea
Sabrina's Classes
Sabrina discovered yoga thanks to her mother in 2011, during a retreat in a Buddhist monastery in Tuscany. Since then, yoga has been a powerful way to heal herself, her mind and her body. Sabrina is fascinated by the power that yoga has not only on the physical body but also on the mental one: how the mind reacts to the body’s impulses and vice versa. Traditional yoga philosophy had long ago discovered what modern medicine nowadays confirms and that is part of her constant research. Research is fundamental to her path, after her first 200h Yoga Alliance teacher training in Lugano with Beatrice Savaris, Ursula Lotti, Angelica Verga and Courtenay Mastain, she continued studying with Mark Stephens in California completing the 300H Yoga Alliance teacher training, where she studied more deeply the body anatomy aspect of the practice. In the meantime she has discovered Ashtanga Yoga as part of her personal practice. She follows different teachers at the moment as Brett Porzio, Michael Hamilton, Stephen Thomas, Gabriele Severini and Susanna Finocchi. She is fascinated by body and mind anatomy and when she teaches she loves to create playful sequences to help the body to leave the comfort zone and challenge himself a bit. „I am deeply convinced that each of us is incomparable and has so much that is special to express. If we understand how to bring into play what really characterizes us, everything we do will be unique and therefore original. This helps people feel good. I am truly convinced that the practice of yoga can help a lot in this respect too. As a teacher, I would like to help people bring out their creative potential, learning to know their real self.“ Sabrina teaches in German and English.
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