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Sabrina Kriesi

As a child, Sabrina was always very active, she loved to move and was constantly on the go in Nature. As a teenager, she practiced track and field for several years. She kept up her cardio and strength training several times a week for decades. Then one day it was no longer enough. She was looking for a balance to her hectic and stressful profession and erratic character.
While living in Australia and New Zealand, she began her yoga path in 2010. After several years of regularly practicing yoga, she wanted to know more about the background and philosophy of yoga and the effects of Asana and Pranayama. In April 2017 she flew to Bali and completed her first Yoga teacher training (200-hour traditional Hatha Yoga). Following this, Sabrina opened her own, small Yoga oasis ‘Jungle Yoga’ which she has unfortunately had to give up after more than four years due to the Corona crisis. Sabrina completed an additional 300-hour Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher training at Planet Yoga in Zürich.
The powerful and loving relationship with one’s own body, conscious breath and correct alignment play a central role in Sabrina’s teaching of Hatha Yoga. She encourages her students to close their eyes during the practice to feel within themselves and to calm the mind. It is also important to her that the mindfulness practice learnt in yoga can be applied in everyday life.
Sabrina teaches in German.