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Salome Noah Caruso

Salome first encountered yoga during a stay at the hospital when she was only twelve years old. This encounter was key for her recovery. Ever since then, yoga has been with her in different forms and at different degrees of intensity. After 17 years as an actress in Zurich and New York, at different theaters and during different stages of life in Germany, yoga became an exhilirating, nurturing and indispensable part of her life, spurred by the discovery of Anusara® Yoga in Berlin. In the fall of 2008, love brought her back to Basel, where, now an Anusara Inspired® Teacher, she founded and started running the studio NoaYoga, which is now continuing to grow as oneyoga basel. Salome is also trained as a hormone yoga teacher after Dinah Rodriguez. She loves combining the different inputs and impulses, which, at the end, all stem from the same source. They all have the goal to remind us of our essence and to keep us in contact with it – be it on the mat or in every day life. 
Thus, Salome feels particularly connected to Katchie Ananda, Tara Judelle and Jack Kornfield. Mindfulness and compassion, the two wings of freedom, coupled with curiosity and a an open, loving heart; friendships and the exchange with other people are an important travel companion for Salome. She teaches in German and English.