Sandra Ackermann
Sandra's Classes
Sandra is a trained infant educator and mother of two children. From 1998 through 2001 she completed her education as a Birth Preparator FFG and subsequently completed training as an Adult Educator SVEB II. She has also attended additional education in birth preparation, post-natal care, and pelvic floor. Sandra has been practicing yoga on a regular basis for the past 5 years and has attended workshops with Clive Sheridan, Lance Schuler, and Ana Forrest. In 2005 she completed pre-natal yoga training with Cheryl Bernardi. She is also a Chiball Level 1 Instructor. She loves to work with pregnant women. Sandra presents her classes in a personal and individual fashion. In her classes, she strives to connect the women with their unborn child, to strengthen their self-confidence, and to teach them how to find peace in their bodies. She teaches in German, and if necessary also in English.
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