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Sarah Kotwal

Sarah discovered yoga many years ago and instantly felt attracted to the holistic aspect of the practice. After several years of self practice and taking part in numerous workshops, she successfully completed her first 200h yoga teacher training at AIRYOGA in Zurich, Switzerland in 2012. To refine her teaching skills she continued her studies in a 300 hour teacher training at Brahmani Yoga in Goa, India in 2013. Since then, Sarah continually aims to deepen her understanding of yoga in various subject areas. During her quest to broaden her “yoga horizon” she discovered Budokon Yoga and was immediately drawn to this strong and graceful practice. In 2016 she studied with Cameron Shayne, the founder of Budokon and got certified as a Budokon Yoga Teacher. Nevertheless , Sarah has not dedicated herself to one particular style or teaching, but rather integrates various elements of what she has learned to be true for herself and thus creates her own personal style. She aims to bring the traditional yoga teachings in to a contemporary context. Her classes feature dynamic sequences of movement that not only facilitate stability and mobility on a physical level, but also promote better concentration and an overall sense of wellbeing. In her classes, Sarah invites her students to turn their awareness inward and to focus on their individual needs, in order to practice without pressure or expectations.
Sarah is a mother of two children and cherishes the balance being a yoga teacher brings to her family life. Personally, Sarah sees her practice as a “space” to retreat and find stillness. A space to listen and notice. A space where the body can strengthen and relax and the mind can get centered and quiet. She teaches in German and English. Please also visit her website www.practiceyoga.ch