Silvana Kunz
Silvana's Classes
Ever since her youngest age Silvana has been fascinated by the play of movement. After training as a professional dancer, she started traveling the world; ever since traveling has been yet another source of inspiration. She kept returning to the Far East, where she first discovered yoga – an essential encounter and a deep experience. In the years that followed, she experimented with other movement methods. Pilates soon emerged as an ideal complement for yoga. In 2008, Silvana did her Pilates teacher training at Polstar in Basel. Additionally, she completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand, certified by the European Yoga Alliance. She went more into depth as she studied Prana Flow with Twee Merrigan. In 2011, she completed her 250-hour Anusara Teacher Training with Chris Chavez. In order to grow and evolve, she likes to take classes and workshops, mostly with Stephen Thomas. Silvana teaches vigorously, with great passion and creativity. The correct dynamic execution of movement is very important to her. She teaches in German and English.
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