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Stefanie Castson

With more than a decade’s experience as a professional Physiotherapist, Yoga Instructor and Anatomy Educator, Stefanie possesses a unique skill set that allows her to share her knowledge with other teachers in an accessible, understandable, fun and relatable way. She also offers a specialization in Sport and Surgery Rehabilitation, providing an intensive academic purview of how the physical body impacts the overall Yoga discipline. 
Based in Zurich, Switzerland, where Stefanie was raised and her Physiotherapist training fostered the exploration of preventive health through motion. In 2006, she recognized that Yoga was an ideal companion to evolve from rehabilitation into preventative health education in the field of Health & Yoga. Her mandate: Knowledge of the forms, shapes and functions of one’s anatomy are vital in the education of Yoga teachers and students, because it heightens awareness, understanding, intelligent instructions and healthy movement.
Since 2009 Stefanie works simultaneously as Founder, Manager and Events Director of Health & Yoga in Zürich, organizing health & Yoga events and Recharge Retreats; as a Yoga Instructor with AIRYOGA in Zürich and as a Physiotherapist and Health Educator with children.
She believes that the “journey into self” is not just metaphor; for a teacher or student, tapping into anatomical and physiological knowledge deepens the relationship to Self and is highly rewarding explorative work. This has become her ongoing focus in the field of Health & Yoga.
Stefanie teaches in German and English. For more info please visit https://healthandyoga.ch