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Susanne Meier

After graduating from her studies in Master of Arts in European Media and working as a graphics designer for 5 years, Susanne discovered energetic bodywork as her true vocation. She has been living and teaching yoga with heart and soul since 2005 in New York, Munich, Sydney and now in Zurich. She has gained deep insight into the Wisdom of Yoga through four teacher trainings (Shivananda Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga in New York and Munich with Sharon Gannon and David Life, Anusara Teacher Training and Anusara Inspired Certification with Barbra Noh in Munich, and Noah Maze Teacher Training in Berlin), many workshops in various different styles and through her own regular yoga practice. Susanne's joy and passion for yoga fuel her to share the experience of oneness of body, mind and consciousness in her teaching, and keep her eager to learn more. Her classes celebrate a beautiful balance between flowing sequences and resting in deep alignment. It is the integration of contrasts that she is interested in - the balance of a challenging physical practice and active self-care in form of alignment, the ability to accept challenges and to breathe deeply at the same time. Susanne wants to move the people who attend her classes both outwardly and inwardly. For Susanne, Yoga is a way to find rest within movement and to reconnect with oneself. Since 2018, Susanne lives in Zurich with her family and her two daughters. She teaches in German. To find out more please visit www.susannemeier.com