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Tiago Moreno

Tiago came in touch with Yoga in 2010. At the beginning he got interested mainly in Hatha Yoga. By living in an Ashram in Italy, he learned about traditional yoga systems and also Ayurveda which gave him a good overview of the different practices belonging to the vedic tradition. 
He completed his Yoga Teacher training in India, Kerala in Traditional Hatha Yoga. After some years of practice, he came across the teachings and life of Nisargadatta Maharaj and also Ramana Maharshi which had a deep impact on him. Tiago had also contact with Vipassana Meditation and the teachings of the Budha. 
Tiago's sharings are a constant remembering of/to “what is”, that which is happening right now and cannot be denied, this continuous conscious experience and that knowing of one's own existence. Living in total acceptance and surrender towards "what is", dissolves the barriers between the body and the world and gradually cultivates the perception of a unified I which sees everything as itself, everything as the Self and nothing apart from it. 
Tiago's classes are shaped according to this message and they are taught in English.