Sabine connects in this Vinyasa class stability and ease, in this way practitioners of yoga will experiance balance on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Each yoga posture will be practiced in harmony with our breath and movement

This Yin yoga class, what is suitable for all levels, focusses on the hips, the lower back and the spine. Yin Yoga is a very calming and meditative way of yoga and an ideal complement to the many other dynamic styles of yoga

This Anusara yoga class will guide you playfully through advanced Asana variations. You will learn how to strengthen your ability to find balance through challenging standing and balance postures and back bends

"Hug your midline" is the subject of this Anusara yoga class for advanced beginners. By focusing on your heart you will find your way back to your inner strength and balance, tranquillity and sedateness.

In this Vinyasa class for yoga beginners we play with several variations of Vasisthasana (side plank) what promotes our strength and our balance. The slow flow of this class calms our nervous system.

Expect a strong, creative sequence using deep hip openers, as well as standing and balancing postures that lead deftly into a hand balance called Eka Pada Koundinyasana, allowing us to feel our stability in this medium level Anusara class.


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