Yoga Style: Prenatal Special: how to adapt one’s practice in regular classes (32 min)
Level: für Einsteiger (Basic)
Teacher: Stefanie Zimmermann
Language of instruction: German

This video is made to help pregnant women with uncomplicated pregnancy to orient themselves in regular public yoga classes from week 14th onward.
In principle, we create space for the growing life in the body and in the lives of women. Everything that compresses the abdomen is avoided (crunches, arm balances, jumps).

Stability comes first and over mobility. Pregnancy hormones relax ligaments and muscles, causing the blood pressure to be be very low. This should be counteracted in practice with active stabilization.

Demanding positions such as inversions should in principle be practiced only if they have been practiced before pregnancy. During pregnancy week 10-13 inversions should be avoided altogether. If heartburn is present, avoid any positions in which the head is below the stomach.

Starting in the 4th month of pregnancy avoid lying flat on your back in order to enable an optimal supply of blood and oxygen to the fetus. Savasana is instead done resting on the left side or supine on a bolster with the head above the pelvis.

The body is doing extraordinary work during pregnancy, the practice of Yoga should always be restful if required by the body, water should be enjoyed plentifully and one should never let the body and the baby get overheated.

In the video, the following will be discussed :
– Adjustment of the Sun Salutations ( Sun Salutation A with knees on the floor )
– Execution of standing positions ( Lunges )
– Execution of twists
– Inversions
– Hip-opener
– Backbends
– Savasana on the left side and supine on a bolster

Alternatively four pregnancy friendly positions will be offered to be exercised when the group practices something that does not serve the pregnant woman:

 – Standing Cat Cow (mobilisation of the upper back )
 – On all four (stabilisation of the spine)
 – Pelvic roles (mobilisation pelvis, spine with relief from the pelvic floor )
 – Squat on blocks hip opening in combination with pelvic floor strengthening and relaxation)

Enjoy your practice and the celebrations of new life!

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