Yogastyle: Ashtanga Yoga (60 min)
Level: Half Primary / Open Level
Teacher: Chiara Castellan
Language of instruction: English

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga consisting of six series of increasing difficulty and intensity. The first series forms the foundation of all of the subsequent series.
Yoga Chikitsa is the Sanskrit name for the first series and means “Yoga Therapy“. This series is meant to cleanse and heal the body. When practiced daily, the sequence of postures contained in the first series rapidly allows the practitioner to gain flexibility, strength, and especially energy. By synchronizing breath and movement, a state of meditation and inner peace can be attained.
This 60-minute Ashtanga Yoga video contains most of the asanas from the first half of the primary series. Chiara’s exact counting and detailed instruction help you develop precision in your practice. Since Ashtanga Yoga should be practiced under the supervision of a qualified instructor, this video is designed to complement, but not replace, your regular yoga practice.