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ISHTA Yoga with Sabine (84 min)

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Yogastyle: ISHTA Yoga (84 min)
Level: Open Level
Teacher: Sabine Kötting
Language of instruction: English

ISHTA Yoga (Asana and Meditation)
In this holistic ISHTA yoga class Sabine prepares and strengthens your body step by step with some of the most effective yoga tools (Asana, Pranayama, Yantra, Mantra, Kriya, etc.) to be ready for the following ISHTA meditation. In this well-rounded practice post-meditative asanas are used to reground the energy after the successful meditation. This allows for the energy that we reconnect with during meditation to saturate every moment of our living with intuition, insight, and inspiration. In this class Sabine offers modifications for beginners while challenging variations are available for advanced students. This well-rounded class encourages you to individualize your own practice by establishing your own degree of intensity, offering a perfect balance of effort and ease for students of all levels. The ISHTA yoga system creates a unique understanding of anatomy, energy and essence of the individual and the infinite potential in all of us.

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