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Yoga@Work with Sabine (30 min)

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Yogastyle: Yoga @Work (30 min)
Level: für Einsteiger (Basic)
Teacher: Sabine Kötting
Language of instruction: German

Does your busy work schedule keep you from coming to yoga class? Let your yoga class come to you - straight to your work place! ISHTA yoga teacher Sabine Koetting leads you through a 30-minute sequence that you can easily integrate into your lunch break or fit in between meetings. You don't need anything - no mat, no yoga clothes, no prior yoga experience - except for your office chair!

The practice is targeted to releasing muscular and emotional tension that tends to build up during a typical day at work in the midst of time pressure, multitasking, long sedentary periods and extensive computer use. All of the main muscle groups receive a stretching and a strengthening, and you tap into your source of energy and equinamity that will guide you through the rest of the day.

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