Mentorship for Yoga Teachers by Mirjam Haymann

Teaching great yoga is a craft. The step from a 200-hour teacher training to become a skillful teacher takes time, experience, reflection and in an optimal scenario: guidance.

In this 30-hour mentorship program with Mirjam Haymann you will receive Mirjam’s insight on how to navigate the yoga market: where and how she failed and what helped her to succeed. You will benefit from tools to deal with your own inner critic and your demons, so you can show up the way you truly want to and build a steady and confident path of yoga teaching.

Because to take the seat of the teacher can take a toll on us:

  • How do we sequence intelligent classes and keep doing so, without just using intuition or what we recently learned in another class?
  • How do we deal with rejections, empty classes, or angry-looking students? Or with students that are even walking out of your class?
  • How can we teach responsibly when there are various levels in the room?
  • Are we allowed to teach Asanas that we cannot practice ourselves? Or how do we teach advanced asana?
  • How do we navigate the anarchy of the yoga jungle, social media, competition, and “politics”?
  • How shall we touch people when we assist and what assists could possibly be dangerous?
  • How can we use our voice to master the room and take ownership of the class?

Mirjam is teaching over 10 years at Airyoga, hosting Workshops and was teaching at big events such as Wanderlust (with over 1000 practitioners), Lululemon and various festivals. She is the co-founder of the yoga project EveryDay Hero, is a pre- and postnatal teacher as well as an activist and public speaker for a healthy and meaningful lifestyle. She is a mother of three, who are her everything.
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What the Mentorship program will consist of

4 x 3 hours in-person get together at AIRYOGA, Fabrikstrasse 10 in 8005 Zurich on
Saturday October 28, Saturday, November 4, Sunday November 19 and Saturday December 9, 2023. On Saturdays from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm and on Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00 pm.
Each afternoon includes a physical group class.

  1. Deepen your practice: Self-knowledge as a key to successful teaching (and to enjoy a strong and open body)
  2. Assists: How to touch people (and how NOT to!) and what for. We talk about different kind of touches and learn technique, so people really feel your impact.
  3. How to teach difficult poses: Sequencing and the psychology of a yoga class. How can we help our students to grow safely and not be dull and boring along the way?
  4. Master any room, big or small: how can you stand in your power and use your voice for the benefit of others. We learn how you lead yourself and how to lead a class confidently and successfully.

4 x 1.5-hour group-calls on zoom on Thursday 8:00 pm of November 2, November 23, November 30 and December 7, 2023

  1. Introspection as opportunity and equal challenge. We will talk about how to deal with inner demons and how to not be afraid of failing anymore.
  2. Sequencing theory: which is what really makes or breaks good teaching. What side do you want to be on?
  3. Marketing/ social media/ competition: the jungle of the yoga market. We will talk money too!
  4. Catering (or not) to the different needs in the room: prenatal, injuries, different levels and how to have true integrity as a yoga teacher

1 x 1 hour one-on-one on Zoom with each participant for Q&A and individual coaching

Homework: 5 hours of reading, preparing and practice.
You will receive some of Mirjam’s favourite book passages, practice homework and self-development written assignments

Requirements to attend this program: 
•  A 200-hour yoga teacher training
•  The intention to teach
•  Curiosity and openness

Mirjam teaches in English.

The cost is CHF 890.-.
The program can only be booked as an entity.

Please apply to Mirjam directly via email to
Please describe your ‘yoga career’ and why you intend to participate in this program.

Participation is limited.

Please note the reservation and cancelation policy for workshops at AIRYOGA.

For further information, please contact