From Many to One – A Workshop with Manuela Peverelli

If you have already some experience of a holistic yoga practice, you are certainly familiar with the satisfied state at the end of the practice; it is as if the MANY have become ONE. Your inner storms have quietened down and you are lying blissfully in Savasana, the relaxation pose.

Of course, the big question is how you can transfer this state out into your fast-paced life with its many demands and how to preserve it in your daily life?

In this workshop, Manuela will present a simplified method of working with our part personalities that can be applied in everyday life.

Afterward, as usual, we will roll out the mat for an extended Asana practice that leads us – through the vehicle of ‘body-breath-awareness’ – from fragmentation back into unity … what sometimes feels like magic.

Saturday, October 6, 2024
12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

AIRYOGA, Fabrikstrasse 10 in 8005 Zurich

Manuela Peverelli

Swiss German

CHF 90.-

This workshop is suitable for yoga practitioners with at least 3 years of experience and an interest in meditation and self-development.

The number of participants is limited.
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In our daily management of a fast-paced everyday life, we take on numerous roles, juggle many balls, strive to meet the needs of others, as well as our own, we plan and organize what lies ahead, and simultaneously try to draw conclusions from the past. What remains at the end of the day is often a feeling of inner fragmentation and exhaustion.

How do we find our way back to unity from a state of inner fragmentation?  

The practice of inner work provides us with precious tools instead of magic wands. Detecting semi-autonomous inner structures of our personality, which we experience as hindering, can be considered as such a tool for our introspection. Through mindful investigation, we can practice becoming aware of different parts, which, for example, are in conflict with each other, and explore what needs are present.

The more we listen to all voices within us, the more we find ways to integrate different aspects of our being.

In 2002, Manuela Peverelli got in touch with Yoga for the first time and was immediately fascinated by the art of embodied presence.

She grew up in Zurich, where she completed her first teacher training in 2008. She then lived in Asia for some years, where she fully dedicated her time to the study of Yoga. In 2012, Zurich became her home base again and she spent the winter months in Asia to deepen her own practice and teach retreats. Silent times in Vipassana and Metta retreats as well as time in Yoga ashrams were equally important to her. 
In 2013, she completed a three-year education in Buddhist Psychotherapy in Germany. She is still a searcher and continues to be a grateful student. 

Manuela’s teaching is joyful and powerful, and at the same time a journey into non-conceptual and boundless awareness.

Since 2020, she lives in the south-west of France, together with her partner Marc and her son Tao. They lead a small retreat center for mindfulness, ecology and spirituality. She is teaching in various Yoga Teacher Trainings in Zurich and offers retreats and workshops in Switzerland and Europe.

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From Many to One – A Workshop with Manuela Peverelli
Sunday, October 6, 2024 from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

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