The Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga with Doug Keller

Many people come to yoga with chronic pain because allopathic medicine does not have a great success rate at correcting the causes. Yoga can be effective when the mechanism of chronic pain are understood, and when that understanding guides the practice.

A theme that will run through this training is an understanding of how and why joint pain, muscle stiffness and weakness, limited range of movement, and recurring pain patterns have a common root in the body’s protective reflexes – and what to do about it to restore strength, flexibility, and function.
Even in the absence of chronic pain, these insights will provide a vital key to bringing greater freedom, strength, and flexibility to your yoga practice.

This approach will add new depth and wisdom to your yoga practice, whether in teaching others, or in your personal practice. This will include insights into sequencing, variations and remedial exercises as well as refinements in our understanding of asana alignments. And importantly, it will also include tools of assessment for understanding the sources of chronic pain problems that can be addressed and corrected through insightful practice.

The asana practices at the beginning of each day will reinforce your understanding of how these ideas can be put to practical use in an enjoyable and satisfying way in a class setting.
In addition, we will be addressing the new health challenges we face, post-covid, with ‘long haul covid,’ and the tools that yoga has to offer.

Doug Keller will offer this Yoga Therapy Training from Thursday, March 23, through Sunday, March 26, 2023 at AIRYOGA, Fabrikstrasse 10 in 8005 Zurich.

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Doug Keller has been teaching workshops and trainings in the therapeutic applications of yoga for a decade, and is known not only for his effectiveness in communicating this ever-evolving approach in these trainings, but also for his extensive writing on the topic in magazines, journals and his two-volume work on ‘Yoga As Therapy.’ 
He is also, in addition to his traveling and teaching, a Distinguished Professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health in their Master’s Degree program in Yoga Therapy. This program is state-approved and accredited for granting a Master’s degree in this field, and is fully accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
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Thursday, March 23, 2023 from 9:30 am to 12 pm, and from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm: Keys to Understanding Pain Syndromes – And Starting off on the right foot with Foundations in the Feet, Knees, and Hips
This session starts with an introduction to themes for the training: the role of joint play and the arthrokinetic reflex for understanding chronic pain syndromes and movement limitations, and what that means for a more insightful understanding of yoga practice.
From that introduction, we’ll proceed with the practical theme of new insights into how the feet work. Our dynamic account of the feet, combined with accessible principles for working with the feet in asana, will also pay off with insights into the knees and hips, understanding that the feet are the keys to both the knees and hips.
This will include assessment principles, remedial exercises, and insights into imaginative approaches to asana practice that benefit the feet, knees, and hips.

Friday, March 24, 2023 from 9:30 am to 12 pm, and from 1:30 to 5:30 pm: Loving the Low Back – The Torso is the Prime Mover
While we most often focus on the extremities – the legs and arms in relation to the hips and shoulders – the real driver of joint health in all of the body is the dynamic, functional movement of the torso.
This is especially vital to the health of our lower back. Twisting actions nourish the spine, maintaining the health of our discs, as well as relieving us from muscle tightness. Our most natural twisting action takes place in the simple act of walking, in which our lower and upper body rhythmically turn in opposite directions with each step. We often lose that natural motion as we age, and our backs get stiff and painful as a result.
Our exploration is about the many layers of the ‘Core,’ which includes not only the support of abdominal layers, but the role of the psoas and its ‘substitutes,’ as well as the workings of our back muscles, pelvic floor and diaphragm. ‘Loving the Low Back’ also includes taking care of sacral freedom and stability, hip health, and issues of sciatic pain. The perspective of the ‘Lower Crossed Syndrome’ will help us to visualize and understand the relationships at work in these therapeutic issues.
All of these deeper insights will lead to some liberating rethinking of asana practice – moving from ‘old school’ concepts and ideas of alignment, to ideas that fit and serve the body better.
The afternoon will include assessment principles, remedial exercise, and ideas for asana sequencing to address imbalances in the torso which lead to pain problems.

Saturday, March 25, 2023 from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm: Upper Body Health – Keys to the Shoulder Girdle
The practice and first part of this afternoon will complete the ideas about low back health by introducing functional myofascial ‘lines’ or connections – which were set forth by Tom Myers – which make the connection between upper and lower body that support low back health. This will take us forward into working with the upper body – starting with the shoulders.
We’ll introduce fundamental principles for working effectively with the shoulders in asana, and we’ll explore the fundamental joints and movements of the shoulders, with keys for unlocking tight shoulders, and stabilizing hyper-mobile shoulders. This will include lots of possibilities for working through and around common obstacles to reduce pain problems and wear-and-tear issues, while improving freedom and range of motion.
We will include discussion of dysautonomia and long covid, and explore practices of pranayama, combined with refinement of upper body alignment, to improve the function of the vagus nerve. This will be discussed further on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, March 26, 2023 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm: The Vital Role of the Neck: Alignment, Freedom, and Profound Impact on the Nervous System
We’ll start with a practical inquiry into improving the health and freedom of the neck, especially from the perspective of the ‘Upper Crossed Syndrome’ – and what to do about it. This will be practical work for the neck in connection with the shoulders, which will further promote freedom in the shoulders and reduced pain problems arising from neck tension, misuse, and misalignment.
From there we will go deeper into problems related to the nervous system and hormonal system – and how this can be understood through the ‘yoga language’ of the Vayus, clarifying and refining our work with pranayama and restoratives. This will involve rich discussion and practice that will open up new realms of the therapeutic value of yoga practice for contemporary health problems.

This training-intensive is recommended for yoga teachers and inquiring students. It can be booked as an entire 4-day program or for single days.

Doug teaches in English.

The cost is
CHF 560.- for the entire training (21 hours total).
Thursday and Friday: CHF 160.- each.
Saturday and Sunday: CHF 120.- each.

Extensive support materials are included.

Participation is limited.

Please note the reservation and cancelation policy for workshops at AIRYOGA.

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