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Aromatic products : Rising Heart and Deep Roots

These Saint Charles products are based on the simple approach of preserving and using the 
original. They are lovingly and carefully manufactured in Germany. 

Perfume Oil Roller
Practical roll-on with natural jojoba oil for a particularly caring application of the fragrant 
aromatic oils. 
Content: 10 ml

Body Spray
Ideal as body or room spray for yoga and meditation practice or simply for the daily well-being to clean the room. Also ideal to create clarity and life-affirming atmosphere.
Content: 100 ml

Both products are available in the following fragrances: 

Rising Heart – activating
Suitable for use at the beginning of a yoga or meditation practice or as a care product for a positive well-being to start the day with clarity and inspiration.

The lovingly combined mixture of valuable oils such as bergamot, tangerine, orange, grapefruit and vanilla extract has an activating effect, provides positive energy and sharpens concentration and senses. 

Deep Roots – grounding
Suitable for use at the end of yoga or meditation practice (Savasana) or as a harmo-stimulating care product for the evening routine to switch off and find a peaceful sleep.

A lovingly combined mixture of precious oils such as rosewood, ylang-ylang, incense, patchouli and juniper has a grounding and balancing effect. 

27.00 CHF