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::braid&embrace:: - Limited Edition Necklace

The fine handmade necklaces from Tanja Dorigo & Francesca Agosti (also known as malove) are created in close collaboration with Yogatanja in Zurich. Their passion for traveling is reflected in their first limited edition ::braid&embrace::

The vibrant color diversity and rich symbolism from Asian traditions characterize every single piece. Each necklace combines urban aesthetics, recycled materials and divine powers from Ganesha, Buddha, Hanuman, Saraswati, Krishna & Radha; each of them is here to protect you.

80% of the earnings will go to the Indian aid Organization Embracing the World. 
Solidarity connects.

NOTICE: Since this is a limited edition and every piece is a unique pieces, write us an email to namaste@yogatanja.com with your favorite necklace/s and we will be glad to check if it is still available - just for you.

59.00 CHF