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Cork Fascia Ball

Fascial balls made of cork are ideal for counteracting selective hardenings in the body. By opening muscles and fascias in specific exercises, they support the relief of muscle tension in the back, shoulders, neck, buttocks, hands and feet. The balls are also suitable for trigger point massage.

What are fascias?
Fascias are protein-containing nets that lie around our muscles and thus hold the tissue together. These can be damaged or hardened by one-sided movements, stress, but also muscular injuries. Through a targeted, careful treatment or massage with the fascia ball, this net can regenerate itself again.

Place the body part to be treated on the fascia ball in a calm and relaxed position and then move the body carefully and slowly back and forth. Breathe deeply and calmly.

  • Material: Cork
  • Seize: 6cm or 8 cm diameter
13.00 CHF