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Cork Yoga Mat

Orenda India's cork Yoga mats are a sustainable alternative to conventional natural rubber Yoga mats. The mats are sustainably produced in India and consist of 100% natural cork. By practicing on the cork mat, the feeling of being close to nature remains without losing the grip. A special advantage is its light weight. This makes it ideal for travelling. The mats are also odor-resistant, easy to clean and quick-drying.

The cork Yoga mats are available in two different thickness categories, with or without chakra print. They are suitable for any form of Yoga, Pilates, Fitness or Meditation.

A larger selection of various cork Yoga mats is available at our Yogashop in the studio Oberdorfstrasse in Zurich. 

Orenda Ultimate Mat, with/without print

Orenda Travel Mat, with/without print

Size:                 70 cm x 182 cm
Thickness:        4 mm
Weight:             1 kg
Price:                89.00 CHF

Size:                 70 cm x 182 cm
Thickness:        1 mm
Weight:             440 g
Price:                69.00 CHF

Good to know: The Orenda India Yoga mat only needs 20 minutes to dry. To clean, scrub the mat carefully with a small amount of detergent and then dab the mat with a dry towel.

Folding instructions: Generally, roll the mat loosely with the cork side facing outwards. The Travel Mat is also foldable and fits into any suitcase pocket or even a larger hand bag. But for a longer durability we recommend to roll the mat. 

69.00 CHF