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Detox Box - Detox for body and soul

Detox your body, your spirit and your soul, release new energies and improve your well-being. 

The Box contains:

Keeko Oil Pulling: A 14-day ayurvedic mouth rinse treatment for your teeth and mouth. 

Humble Brush Toothbrush: A pleasant and environmentally friendly toothbrush made of antibacterial and sustainably cultivated bamboo. 

Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper made of Copper: A tongue scraper as part of the ayurvedic and yogic mouth hygiene.

Pakistani Neti Salt: The untreated rock salt from the Khewra salt mine for the daily nasal cleansing called Neti.

Neti Pot: A practical and unbreakable Neti Pot for the regular nasal cleansing called Neti. 

Emotional Detox Tea: Emotional Detox – Element water from Shoti Maa Tea with hibiscus, liquorice and mint.

Palo Santo Wood: The smudging wood smells sweet, warm and aromatic, calms the flow of thoughts, relaxes and opens the self for spiritual moments. 

The Detox Box Light contains: Keeko Oil Pulling; Pakistani Neti Salt; Neti Pot; Palo Santo Wood.

Details about the box content you can find here...

149.00 CHF