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LadyCup – Menstrual Cup

LadyCup menstrual cup supplemented or replace tampons and pads, and reduces, due to its longevity (up to 10 years), unnecessary hygiene waste.

After getting used to the ritual of introducing the LadyCup, it will become your safe companion for day and night, in all activities and traveling, immediately. Manufactured in the EU and made of high quality medical silicone, it is free from harmful plasticizers, latex , BPA and phthalates.

The LadyCup is available in two sizes:

Size S(mall):

Diameter 40 mm, length 46 mm , volume 21.2 ml

Suitable for women with low blood flow, change tampon every 4-6 hrs, younger than 25 years

Size L(arge):

Diameter 46 mm, length 53 mm, volume 34.3 ml

Suitable for women with intense blood flow, change tampon every 1-3 hours, given birth vaginally

49.00 CHF