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Max Strom's DVD: "Yoga - Strength, Grace & Healing"

Suitable for beginners to intermediate levels, this two-disc set includes workshop options and meditation and is the first in a series that features the inspired yoga of Max Strom. Practical and beautiful, it presents an introduction to yoga that is easily accessible to the beginner-to-intermediate practitioner. It is easy to follow, yet also challenging. 

Too many people confuse yoga with simply being an exercise regime for the body, while others worry yoga is overly spiritual. The classes presented are a holistic practice for developing strength, grace, and healing, of the body, emotions, and mind. 

Although Yoga appears to be primarily physical, its benefits are far reaching. The DVDs include 
- two separate lengths of a beginner level yoga practice: a 45-minute version and a 90-minute version
- a workshop option allowing further instruction on difficult-to-master poses
- special segments to help you practise meditation, and to get a deeper understanding of yoga.
Number of disks: 2
Length: 135 minutes
Language: English
55.00 CHF