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Mindfulness Box - Allow yourself a break

Immerse in the world of meditation. Guide your awareness into the present moment, cultivate the quality of acceptance and allow your body and mind to pause.  

This box contains: 

Meditation cushion big: The sewed in 24 syllables of the Gayatri Mantras give each cushion a personal request to empower the own spiritual strength. Material: Organic cotton, Filling: Organic Spelt Spores, Diameter/Height: Ø 32cm x 11cm

Book «Das Wunder der Achtsamkeit» - German version: The standard reference for everyone who wants to learn to integrate meditation into daily life.  

Incense sticks from Ibiza: High-quality incense sticks, 100% from natural essences.

Rudraksha Mala: An Indian prayer chain made of the holy rudraksha seeds. A chain contains 108 seeds + 1 tassel called Guru.

Meditation balm: Applied on temples it helps with concentration difficulties and when having headaches. Main ingredients: skullcap, rosemary, lemon peel and mint. 

The Mindfulness Box Travel Version contains: Meditation cushion small, meditation balm, incense sticks. 

Details about the box content you can find here..

249.00 CHF