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OLIQ Vitamins Sprays

Fat-soluble nutrients are very important for our bodies, but these are harder to absorb than water-soluble ones. The most well-known of the fat-soluble vitamins are A, D, E and K as well as natural occurring substances such as beta-carotene and coenzyme Q10. The Swiss researchers of OLIQ have successfully produced these vitamins in microfine drops. Since our body absorbs these nutrients faster and more efficiently through the oral mucosa, these sprays deliver this process quickly. 

OLIQ is developed in Switzerland, is sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and no colors and additives.

Immune Support
A strengthened immune system brings your health in every life situation. Vitamins D3 and B12 as well as the natural extracts beta carotene and ginger prepare you for the day ahead. 

Inner Balance
With balance and serenity, life is always a little easier. Vitamin B1 together with saffron extract and lavender oil help you maintain serenity and mental stability.

Energy Support
The right vitamins for your energetic everyday life. Vitamins D3, K2 and B12 as well as coenzyme Q10 give your body energy and support your muscular system so as bone structure.

Mental Focus
In our hectic everyday life, the performance of your brain is particularly challenged. With the vitamins B5, B12 and K2, timut pepper extract, sage and lemon oil, your mental focus will be well supported. 

Beautiful Skin
Pure, smooth skin is beautiful and gives you a feeling of well-being. Biotin and phytoceramides from rich wheat extract nourish your skin from the inside and support elasticity as well.

Content: 27 ml per bottle, which is sufficient for 4 weeks of daily intake

29.00 CHF