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Pakistani Neti salt by Yogatanja (400g)

The Pakistani gold!

An untreated rock salt from the Khewra salt mine - also known as "Himalayan Salt".
This special salt is harvested from the earth depth and broken/grounded and sieved in handwork. 

Through the iron oxide and manganese ratio this Pakistani salt has its well-known shiny pink color.
In it's fine grounded grain size it is perfect for preparing the Neti Pot. 

Free from chlorine, fluorine and water - unrefined and natural - No additives!

Keep closed and dry. Due of moisture it may get cloggy, since no sodium hexacyanoferrate or potassium hexacianoferrate are used.

Fine grounded - powder (grain size 0-0,2mm)
Weight: 400 g

14.00 CHF